a person who has been rejected by society or a social group

a person who has been rejected by society or a social group


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Showcasing Chicago’s most up-and-coming hidden talent.
Our live performances, artistry, and more will have you redefining your outlook on an incredible night out.


Artifacts Events

4325 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60613




  • Cash bar
  • Local food vendors


Friday, August 26th

7:00 – 11:00 pm



live performers


donations going to Weish4Ever

Sparked By A Selfless Wish

Before he passed in October of 2012, Andrew asked his younger brother Dan to “pay forward” the acts of kindness and generosity shown to their family.



In early 2013, Weish4Ever was created to honor this selfless request, specifically by: easing the financial burden, bringing joy, and ensuring patients and their families know they’re not alone in this fight against cancer.

Group 17

a message from anthony




Michael J. Pineda

Michael J. Pineda is a Honduran-American singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist who is committed to telling his story and bringing people closer together through music. He primarily performs as a saxophonist, but he composes and plays across multiple genres.

Michael performs primarily in Chicago on Thursday nights hosting the Rojo Gusano Residency on 4217 N. Ravenswood Ave. The Michael Pineda Quartet pays homage to the traditions of Black American and Latin American music, also featuring some of Michael’s original compositions.

sam moss

A soulful singer-songwriter and American Idol Season 20 Contestant, Sam Moss is on a mission to awaken a mindful, empowered, and heart-centered audience.

Currently based in Chicago, IL, Sam is sharing stories, elevating life’s most sentimental moments, and uplifting strangers through the divine power of song.


HighJak is an artist/producer from Kansas City, MO. HighJak got his start with music when he formed an indie/alternative rock band by the name of Captiva during his high school years, filling the roles of being the songwriter, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and manager for the group. Lately, he has been in the studio with his current roommate and producer/engineer, Bergotti, in pursuit of his own solo-pop/alternative hip hop career. HighJak’s pop hooks and indie/alternative melodies give the listener a soothing blend of genres to keep anyone interested and singing the lyrics. 

John bolger

“Funny for money (Comedian). Honored to have started out at the Second City, built a theater company, traveled the world, do TV/Film/Radio, shared too many wonderful laughs with amazing friends, and yet I still always wonder…if it’s “a penny for your thoughts” but you have to “throw your 2 cents in”, who’s making the extra penny?! My bet is Apple” -JB

brad arena

Brad Arena is a singer/songwriter taking his experience growing up as the frontman of a Blink-182 cover band into a solo effort, blending pop punk roots with new influences from alternative pop bands like LANY, The 1975 and more. Currently recording and releasing music while playing shows around Chicago (Uncommon Ground, SoFar Sounds etc), expect a show full of songs you might have left on your MySpace Profile, acoustic covers of Swedish House Mafia, and some new originals to enjoy.


Luca Ferro is a Chicago-based standup comedian, and producer of South Paw Comedy Productions. He uses his loud demeanor and vast arsenal of impersonations to express his discomfort for the world around him. Luca comes from a blue collar, south side Chicago upbringing, and his comedy is reflected as such.

Midamerican Elevator

Chicago indie-rock band MidAmerican Elevator lifts dreamy vocal harmonies over a busy rhythm section, with guitars traveling between sparkly counterpoint and regenerative drive. Vocalist-guitarists Paxton Long and Beni Yuzawa met in an elevator in 2013. They met lead guitarist Greg Taylor at a shitty bar in River North, picked up bassist Mike Vendiola through a friend-of-a-friend, and went all the way to Reddit to recruit drummer Dean Sinclair. Together, MAE is playing at stops up and down Chicago and recorded their debut album—scheduled for release in 2022—at RCM Studios in Logan Square.

The BirkenRocks

The BirkenRocks are a Chicago based genre agnostic cover band playing music from the 60’s to today. They have made a name for themselves by creating mashups you couldn’t help enjoy, to fielding off the cuff audience requests. And yes, they do all wear BIRKENSTOCKS.

brad arena

Brad Arena is a singer/songwriter taking his experience growing up as the frontman of a Blink-182 cover band into a solo effort, blending pop punk roots with new influences from alternative pop bands like LANY, The 1975 and more. Currently recording and releasing music while playing shows around Chicago (Uncommon Ground, SoFar Sounds etc), expect a show full of songs you might have left on your MySpace Profile, acoustic covers of Swedish House Mafia, and some new originals to enjoy.

MK Art

Hey Im Michael K and Im an artist from Chicago.
I have been painting and making art my whole life and have been doing it professionally for over 10 years. In that time I have made paintings for celebrities including Zac Efron, Luol Deng, Michael Phelps, Conor Dwyer, Blackhawks and Cubs players and even World Series Champion Ozzie Gullien! But I am most proud of raising thousands of dollars for several Chicago based charities including The Ronald Mcdonald House, Imerman Angels and Meals on Wheels.

As an artist I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources including Transcendental Meditation, dreams, serendipity, and those weird little moments in every day life. But Music is my biggest well of inspiration that I draw from every day. It is the fuel that keeps me motivated and creative. If you would like to see my latest paintings check out my instagram @mksart and my website MKSART.net

Thanks for reading!
Stay Grateful

Lymelite Studio

Lymelite Studio specializes & creates unique street urban-art based on collective content outside the confines of the formal art world.  Our unique vision blends pop culture with street art techniques and style that captures and showcases the beauty & chaos of life.  This inventive style influences projects that freeze moments of cultural relevance & pop culture into modern portrayals of life. 

The Rachel Andrea Collection

The Rachel Andrea Collection is on a mission to make the world a happier and more vibrant world through the power of crystal jewelry. We create hair and everyday jewelry empowering and inspiring you to be your most unique and vibrant self. We create small-batch and one-of-a-kind headpieces, headbands, clips, hair ties, necklaces and more that are perfect for events, festivals, weddings, parties and everyday. Stop by to see the magic!


Sydney worked in the restaurant industry for Lettuce Entertain You, then earned her nutrition degree. As a self-declared Condiment Queen, she could not find condiments with exciting flavors or recognizable ingredients, so created her own. Sydney spent weeks testing and sourcing different combinations of ingredients to arrive at SYDSAUCE and SYDSALT: Black truffle oil hot sauces and salt mixes that can make you feel like a gourmet chef when eating a box of macaroni.

Chris thrifts

Vintage clothing seller offering a wide range of unisex pieces from the early 2000s and before. Curating an eclectic collection of pre-loved clothing for individuals ready to find their next favorite piece. 

Folkmade Cookies

Folkmade cookies specializes in custom decorated sugar cookies for all occasions from birthdays and showers, to weddings and corporate events. Folkmade creates both hand-piped and printed designs based on your needs. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, our cookies are made with unbleached flour, eggs from our family farm, and Ashley’s homemade vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste. 

Creative House CC

A custom creations and design company specializing in wooden products, hand-turned items, carved signs, and custom tees. Let us help you bring your ideas to life!

DK Custom Woodwork Co.

DK Custom Woodwork Co. is owned by Drew Katchmar. He is a former Marine, former law enforcement officer, and former tactics instructor that has had a passion for woodworking for much of his life. He has now turned his dream into reality by doing what he loves & creating masterpieces full time.

Encino Mane Publications

Thriving for a higher sense of self and resonance with the people. With; comics, graphic novels, and short fiction magazines, we here at EncinoMane Publications embrace that bit of extra in your ordinary.

LG Spiritualist Poetry

From the Salem, MA area, I am a tarot reader that can perform intuitive readings for others as well as write intuitive poems for others. I can give readings from one card to multiple card readings. my goal is to help bring guidance to those for financial, love, career, friendships, and any questions others may have. I try to bring awareness to the beauty of tarot readings and poetry as a tool to help others learn more about themselves in order to live their best lives!
In addition, I have my own poetry book called “Manuscripts & Muse”. I sell ebooks and paperback versions of the book. This details my life journey in a poetic version and brings about themes of self-esteem, mental health, and a journey of self-discovery. 

Slivrd Almonds

A blonde and a brunette walk into a bar…and walk out with a chef & a salesman. Fast forward 10 years later. Our love for each other & deliciously flavored snacks hasn’t faded.

We enjoy entertaining, drinking wine, and sharing a meal with friends & family. It is the perfect way to celebrate life and the everyday. Late nights in the kitchen seemingly always lead to a few too many glasses of wine & chef experimenting with new ingredients. That’s just how the Slivrd Almond recipe was born.

Slivrd is slivered almonds roasted and combined with simple ingredients like kosher salt, extra virgin avocado oil, & a pinch of sugar. Perfect on their own, to accompany a charcuterie board, or as an ingredient in a dish or salad.


I have been doing portraits since 2015. I can’t wait to help you put memories down on paper. Welcome to my witchy wonderland!


Hi everyone!! My name is Adriana  I started crafting as a hobby to start making gifts for my friends and family and now I can’t wait to get home everyday to craft! I’ve always loved customizations on everyday things and I love making ordinary things a little more extra.

I currently help my family run a small business called Burrito Paradise in Darien & I also help my sister with her small berry business Dipp’d By K. Business runs in the family and having a little piece that’s my own is so special to me. That being said, I can’t wait to see everyone and I’m excited to help spread awareness to such a great cause!


four star artisan

Thomas and Kurt have worked together for over twenty years, honing their skills with some of the world’s greatest chefs. Their journey has seen them go from line cooks to owning their own restaurant—and becoming best friends and brothers along the way. Now they’ve paired their cooking knowledge and passion for food into a sausage product that stands out as one of the best.

Great sausage starts with great ingredients and a sense of tradition. Four Star Artisan’s sausages get their unique bold flavors from humanely raised meats, premium ingredients and that ever important artisan touch. Sausage has deep roots in Thomas and Kurt’s families’ cultures, so they had to make sure they got this right. I mean, Italian and Polish households… what do you expect? A product developed that helps to create memories of laughter and love is important to us. That’s right: Love through sausages.


We are a natural skin and haircare company. The creation of JANVIER was greatly inspired by the love of science, high quality, well-sourced natural ingredients, world travels, and the desire to enhance the natural skin and haircare experience. 
Our thoughtfully selected products are formulated with the best organic and natural raw ingredients. We are passionate in the art and science of natural skin and hair care care, as we have intentionally nourished all of our products with the botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils to give your body and hair shine, moisture, fragrance, and exuberance. Our products have captivating natural scents and a luxurious feel. Adore this encounter and notice the beauty of your body, as we have kept you in mind all throughout this labor of love.

Vantablac sol

A creator of pop art with a hint of nostalgia and a dash of gasoline, Vantablac Sol produces some authentic pieces you will never forget.  

“What I attempt to convey with my Gasoline Pop Art series is regular items you see at a gas station that you don’t see as art. I use items such as bubblegum wrappers, cigarette packaging, the Eneos oil logo to make a viewer feel as if they pulled this piece out of a dumpster. With gas prices at an all time high, this is an example of the frustration/anxiety that people are facing around the world” – Vantablac Sol


It all started with a jar of peanut butter…
and a soccer ball.

Back in the day, Carol and Joy were just like any average soccer moms: keeping up with game schedules, trying to find healthy on-the-go snacks for their kids, and helping to raise money for the team without going nuts!

One day, Joy came up with an unexpected solution for everything: peanut butter! She’d been making her own from scratch using healthy ingredients, resulting in gourmet flavors of PB that beat the pants off the store-bought stuff. “Maybe we could sell these, once a year and help earn the team some money, like Girl Scout cookies!” Joy suggested, giving Carol a jar to help her think it over. As she watched the boys play soccer, Carol ate her first spoonful of what would become BNutty Peanut Butter — and the rest, as they say, was history.

Just Luckey Designs

Welcome to Just Luckey Designs! Born of the 2020 pandemic, what started as a stress-relieving hobby quickly grew into a creative outlet, passion, and business that I’m honored to share with you. I make earrings using polymer clay and home decor items using Jesmonite — all handmade with love in Chicago, IL. 

ambient crystal

Handmade snake shed jewelry from my snake’s natural skin!

Airo brands

Airo Brands is driven to create an intuitive, virtually effortless, and cleverly designed vapor experience. Our team saw what the vape world had to offer, and we knew we could do it better with a focus on design, vapor delivery, quality, and one-of-a-kind oils. We organically formed a working belief that drives us each day: no detail too small. 

John Tamulis

At a young age I was fostered by people around me to not just draw and paint like those around me, but to be inspired by the world. I have had mentors that have pushed me to be better than myself. I continue to this day to be better that what I was yesterday. Taking on new challenges and projects to see how far I can push myself as an artist. These challenges do not scare me, they excite me. I draw inspiration from my childhood, growing up in the 80’s. Whether it is cartoons, horror movies, or things that just made me happy. I try to share these things with others through what I draw, paint, and make. There is a connection with the things I choose to make on my own. Custom Awesomeness comes into play when I make something for you. I want to make something special and specific for you. It may be in my style or flare, but it will be all yours. Customly Awesomely Yours!

all things coops

All Things Coops was founded in 2015 and operates out of Chicago, Illinois. We feature products geared toward promoting physical and emotional well-being, self-care, and spiritual growth. Our products are handmade, here in the Windy City, with the use of all natural ingredients and essential oils. Our products are great for those who have an eye for all things spiritual, those just beginning their spiritual journey(s), or if you just enjoy pretty or aromatic things.
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Jamie Payne-Miller began working with polymer clay in 2020 and immediately fell in love with the medium. The lightweight and durable nature of the clay is perfect for large statement earrings and modest posts alike. Jamie strives to create stylish, yet timeless, pieces that pair with any wardrobe and can be worn year after year. 


R. Vauxhall believes in untold possibilities. The untold possibilities of what makers are capable of doing with polymer clay, what nonprofits are capable of accomplishing with the support of our community, and what each of us is capable of when we lead from the heart.



Maretta studio

Vintage accessories, handmade custom pillows, and other home decor items.

Spliff Society

Spliff Society offers unmatched quality with our exclusive all-natural Palm Leaf. Hand-picked and hand-rolled by professional artisans; all of our Leafs are lightly toasted to provide a perfect harmonic balance between smooth smoke and palm spiced flavor to compliment your favorite herb. We boast 100% organic all-natural leafs and filters: no tobacco, no glue, no chemicals – No Bullshit. Our Palm Leafs are velvet to the touch, burn slowly, with an even, smooth pull – fitting the bill as the best in the business. Stop wasting your time and money splitting and licking those tired blunts again. Our Spliffs allow for a clean and quick pack every time. Made to smoke, packed to share. Enjoy.

Rachel Renee Jewelry

Rachel Renee Jewelry is a collection of Luxe Bohemian designs, delicately forged with semiprecious gemstones and textured metals. Her work infuses organic and industrial stylings of art nouveau with nature’s timeless silhouettes to create a lightweight and effortless collection for the woman ready to make her mark.

bacci pizzeria

My Aunt and Uncle originated the Jumbo Slice in Chicago back in 1996 at a little joint across the street from where my Uncle grew up on Taylor Street, in Chicago’s Little Italy-  the “Old Neighborhood” as many locals call it.

The people of Chicago made it an instant success, and 25 years later we are bringing the same Old Neighborhood tastes, flair, and love to various locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. All family-owned and operated, our stores have remained authentic and unaltered,  providing customers with the special attention and treatment only family can give.

It is my family’s honor and pleasure to serve the great people of Chicago, and we look forward to serving you for many more years.

– The Nephew

Finding my Footing

Finding My Footing is a clothing company that I founded in March of 2022 that started as just a hobbie to distract from the stresses of everyday life and to express the creative side of myself. After experiences with depression and anxiety, I found a new goal of raising awareness of the mental health community. Each original design is made with an influence from nature, peace, or modern takes on fashion. A portion of the proceeds from each item sold is donated to the Brain & Behavior Reseach Foundation. Each dollar that is donated goes directly towards research grants that help us understand various mental health issues more than we ever have. The hope is that when we understand more about mental health, the more we can effectively treat it. Experiencing anxiety or depression can feel unstable or uneasy, in the end, we are all just finding our footing. 👣


My name is Taylor Pignataro and I am the founder of Taylor Elliott Productions, LLC. I am a 28 year old Photographer/Videographer based out of Chicago, IL and available for hire all around the world. My creative eye and unique style help me bring my clients’ visions to life through quality imagery and storytelling. I specialize in Brand Videos, Promotional Videos, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Real Estate Shoots, and Drone work.

Let’s connect and create together.

one allegiance brewery

What would eventually become One Allegiance Brewing, started as a long search for a property to call home. The craft beer industry has a way of creating a neighborhood destination so one of the most important checklist items was being in an area he could grow with the locals.




Blake Alexander is an adult contemporary artist and crooner.
His covers range from Sinatra to Maroon 5 and everything in between.
Although his performance career began as a magician, after eight successful years, it was apparent his true calling was to become a singer/writer.He’s appeared onstage, performing for comedic legend Tom Dreesen, alongside major recording producers such as DJ Whiteshadow (Lady GaGa producer), and Twista at the Green Tie Ball. He has been featured on television numerous times performing on stage at the 2017 Midwest Emmy’s, as well as Chicago’s biggest charity galas such as The Eve of Eve at the Merchandise Mart, and for St. Jude at Soldier Field. Blake always ensures the utmost professionalism and energy for your guests.


Meet Jennifair, R&B singer, songwriter, lyricist, and musician who creates music that pushes boundaries and projects both confidence and vulnerability straight to your soul.
Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, her full name Jennifer “Jennifair” Fair, had long been inspired by her father’s singing in church and his eclectic taste in music before finally deciding to step into the spotlight herself. She ultimately fell in love with being on the stage. She performed at any chance available from elementary school through high school and beyond, focusing on honing her sound and perfecting her performance. Taking major influence from a plethora of artists including the Beatles, Sade, Brandy and Missy Elliott, she worked on her pitch, runs, and overall technique as well as her writing.

Able Grey

Rising Artist from Chicago, Able Grey blends indie dance electronica, melodic bass, future bass, and mid-tempo to offer a unique but familiar sound. His live sets blend multiple genres of music while still collectively boosting his style in a way you wouldn’t expect. Having created dozens of unofficial and unreleased edits, bootlegs, mashups, and remixes, Able Grey truly gives a unique show, incorporating midi controllers, an electronic drum pad, and a Push-to-Control Ableton Live while also integrating CDJs or a controller.

Able Grey 2

With his releases gaining support from KSHMR, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Brooks, Klingande, Disco Fries, Kennedy Jones, CloudKid, and Adventure Time (yes, Adventure Time), Able Grey is an artist you definitely want to meet.

Grunge County Acoustic

Dave Gibson (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Dan Nissen (lead guitar/back up vocals) are seasoned musicians from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. They have an original band called DayTime Hooker which consists of the same members as Grunge County (full band includes Adam Lorenc on bass and Andy Chatzi on drums). Grunge County acoustic will play all of your favorite 90s Grunge and Alternative hits! 

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Get ready for the best night of your life.


$30 CASH ONLY entrance (electronic payments not accepted)